Let sleeping Nate’s lie

we are nearly home and we are all feeling the effects of a full day of touring and now 30 hours of travel. Poor Nate set his bag down, tripped over it and is now asleep where he lies. Hopefully he wakes up before he gets a rug impression on his cheek.

Voice of the Deep

So far we have written much about different important sites and experiences.  Yet in the midst of all of that, we somehow managed to forget one of the most important subjects:  food.  The stomach can be an incredible motivater.  I have never been very outgoing in trying new foods.  I am definitely a classic girl who loves to know exactly what it is I am about to eat, what to expect, and most importantly how it will taste.  This trip has broadened my horizons in ways I never would have imagined before.  This is especially true with food.  But for all of you people who absolutely love food, but are sticklers for the normal...this is for you.  The food is incredible.

But for all of you who yearn for home...

There is always McDonalds.

Engedi: land of living water

Engedi is a beautiful island Oasis in the midst of the sweltering ocean of the Judean Desert. 

It was in this paradise that David would remain for a long time while being hunted by Saul.  It was while here that he probably wrote Psalm 23.  While visiting this area Val read us this passage, and there in this setting it became vividly alive.  
The Holocost Museum

The Holocost was one of the most devistating events in Jewish history.  Having happened only about 70 years ago, it is still very fresh in their minds and hearts.  So important is it to them that they will not let political leaders from other countries to meet with their own in Isreal until they have visited the Holocost Museum. 

The Holocost was a time of great evil on Earth.  Nazi Germany was not committing just mass murder, but the attempt at complete annihilation.  It is extremely important to remember this time, not only for all the evil that was done, but all the ways God intervened.  It is in the darkest moments that the light of God is able to shine even brighter. 

The first building we walked into while there (after the reception) was a tribute to the children who were killed in this time.  It was extremely powerful.  We walked into this pitch black room filled with mirrors and candles.  Each candle representing of one child's life.  As we stood in tha…

Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the Temple Mount, and the City of David

We are on the bus, Yad Vashem before us and Hezekiah’s tunnel, the Temple Mount, the Old city and the City of David behind us. Lunch in the Jewish quarter was pizza or pasta for most of us.

At the Pool of Bethesda we spoke of John 5 wherein Jesus asked the paralytic who has long been languishing and making excuses, “Do you want to be well?”, and having sent him away with his mat in hand, the Lord met him again on the at the Temple (500 yards west) and took a moment to tell him to stop sinning, lest worse befall him.

We conquered the wet tunnel and marveled anew at the mystery ofit’s 12”

fall over 1600M.

Exiting the tunnel at the Pool of Siloam we were amazed to consider the ways David conquered his city from the Jebusites 1000BC and the parallels in the way Jesus entered Jerusalem 2000 years ago:

David and his men entered through the WATER tunnel and established his rule  after being taunted by the Jebusites that though the ‘blind and the lame will defend the city’ he would never ente…

Masada by Paul Lundeen

Masada was incredible! This Herod built stronghold on the top of a cliff held 1,000 Jews who were were revolting against the Roman Government. The Roman forces built a ramp up the back side of this facility and the Jews on site took there own lives as opposed to becoming Roman slaves.